Othala the Warlock – Current Status

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Warlock Othala needs some changes. I would like to keep him as a Warlock, and capped, so I have someone I can pull out for guild epic/legendary raids on a weekend that I a) enjoy playing b) is useful. So I intend to Epic Reincarnate now he’s hit level 30 to correct some areas. But not necessarily straight away – I want to spend some time trying to gather gear.

This is his 3rd life, the previous lives being Artificer & Sorcerer. He is a Fey Pact Warlock and I use the Utterdark Blast to set his damage as sonic & evil. I already know I’ve made a mistake by not putting skill points into perform to increase his sonic spellpower {facepalm} so that’s one thing I will address with his epic TR. But I’d like to know if anybody has any other suggestions.
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Weekly Run Down

It’s been a busy week, both in DDO & real life. But since I’m fairly sure you don’t want to hear about the project I’m on at work that’s filling my spare hours, or how I’m ripping out my garden, I’ll stick with DDO 🙂

We got one guildie back, then lost two. One of the guys has had some changes at work, so he can’t play for a few weeks. One guy has a new girlfriend. So we’re down to our three main players at the moment.

Thursday night I played on Orien again. Was killed for the first time ever by lag. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of lag in game before. But this was a complete standstill, cannot do anything while a horde of orcs massacred the party 🙂
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Orien Calls

So last night, I was bad. I ditched Sarlona for the night and went to run around Orien with some friends 🙂

It was fun. It was interesting to try a human artificer, rather than the warforged version I have on Sarlona. I have a whole new level of respect for PermaDeath players though. Trying to disable traps when you have no gear from other characters, no cash to buy gear, no crafting levels… well lets just say there were a few boxes blown. And maybe a few deaths 🙂

Overall, it was a fun few hours 🙂

Oh, and Micki is right. Maidae does look hot in her underwear and she did a fine job of distracting her teammates enemies 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

Stone of XP Blues

Yes, two blogs in one day. Don’t get used to it 🙂

But I did want to comment on something else I did this weekend. My partner & I jumped on Thelanis for a bit to play with some chars we super levelled. By that, I mean we created them at level 7, got to level 8 and got stoned.

This weekend was probably the first time we’ve played them for any length of time. And you know what? Being super levelled kind of sucks! To be fair, we’ve done it to try some builds we’re thinking of for TR”s on our main Sarlona characters. But sitting at level 16 with pretty naff gear is no fun. We will not be pugging anytime soon, I’d be too embarrased 😦

I can see the benefit of the stone for TR’s who have gear stashed away, and I realise it’s a way for Turbine to ensure people can get to the stuff in the expansion pack, but for normal play…. no I don’t think so…

Or maybe it’s just because I don’t spend enough quality time with the Thelanis characters and it’s all my fault! 🙂