Orien Calls

So last night, I was bad. I ditched Sarlona for the night and went to run around Orien with some friends 🙂

It was fun. It was interesting to try a human artificer, rather than the warforged version I have on Sarlona. I have a whole new level of respect for PermaDeath players though. Trying to disable traps when you have no gear from other characters, no cash to buy gear, no crafting levels… well lets just say there were a few boxes blown. And maybe a few deaths 🙂

Overall, it was a fun few hours 🙂

Oh, and Micki is right. Maidae does look hot in her underwear and she did a fine job of distracting her teammates enemies 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

7 thoughts on “Orien Calls

  1. I was vaguely talking about sneaking over to another server with Photo last weekend. He’d been experimenting with builds on Kyber, and I was, like, “Orien! Orien! Y U No Pick Orien?” But yeah, I am too scared to play with no money or bling. That’s the kind of stuff that makes you say “Yark!”

  2. My home server is also Sarlona, but I have branched out a couple of times. I have a 3 ftr/15 rogue on Argonessen (Ghrae), and a 11 arti on Thelanis (Aarlyss). Both of them have a level banked at the moment.

    The fun thing to me is exactly the whole concept of starting in a new place with no other resources to call on. These are 28pt builds and both are turning out to be very entertaining.

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