Life 26

If you follow my twitter account (I swear Tholgrin, I had that line drafted out before your blog!) then you’ll already know that we capped our main characters at the end of last week. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it without repeating some quests (I get bored repeating stuff – unless I’m really after a piece of gear in which case I will bore everybody silly re-running stuff) but Rach suggested we run the Eveningstar challenges when we were just short of XP for level 29. So, as level 28 characters we ran the challenges at level 30. Turns out 5 starring the challenges at that level gets you 116K XP per challenge – nice! So those got us to level 29 (and some). We got the rest of the way to 30 running the U29 quests in Meridia, the epic Orchard quests (I was sure we had already run them so that was a nice bonus when we realised we hadn’t) and two from the Heart of Madness chain.

Druid Hymm

I have enjoyed the druid life a lot more this time than on my first druid life. The graphics when changing forms seems less harsh (so I’m assuming that has been changed at some point and I missed it in the release notes) and with 2 rogue / 18 druid I’ve had good DPS, good healing and trapping for the extra XP. Can’t really argue with that 🙂

Though I was running with Rach’s pure Warlock so my guy had no chance of decent kill counts really 😀

Such a familiar screen

So Monday night we TR’d. That’s now 25 heroic lives, with 11 iconic & 9 epic past lives in there. I have just TR’d into what will be my last Morninglord life, so my iconics are done until the gnomes comes out (yay, new race!) and I now only have 3 epic past lives to do, all in the Arcane Sphere. This life will be a made up build I thought up a few months ago – 7 bard / 3 fighter / 10 cleric. My thought was to have a decent DPS with the cleric aura. Which means I would have to forego the Tier 5 Coup de Grace enhancement if I want the aura. I haven’t decided yet if that will still be the way I go 🙂

He looks like Codex from The Guild!

With us capping our mains, we decided to switch to our alts over the weekend. They were level 29 and we hit 30 fairly easily just running some quests on Saturday night with guildies Tobril & Aldrac and a few more quests Sunday morning. I have a separate blog planned for Othala so I won’t go into too much detail here. But suffice to say I’m still really liking how Othala is doing.

Have fun, see you around!

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