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Yep, Hymm finally finished life 9 – Druid. I can honestly say this has been one of my least favourite DDO lives in the last 12 months or so. I’m still having a hard time pinning down the reason for it. The DPS on the character was good, I really love Earthquake and when I was paying attention I could keep myself & Rach (we’ve mostly duo’d) alive.

I think my main dislike is the animation for switching forms. Everything slows down, the flash of light is too bright… did I mention everything slows down? Oh well *shrug* it’s done now. I do think when I next run a Druid life I will go full caster using the elemental forms & see how that works.

This was also my 3rd iconic life and the run from 15 to 20 definitely seemed more monotonous. So, we’ve decided to break things up a bit, alternating between iconic and heroic lives. After an hour of running quests to hit the 2nd level of House K favour for the last bank slot, then clearing the TR cache, Hymm TR’d into what will be a 2 rogue/6 ranger/12 cleric build.

Heytons Rest

It was actually really nice to be back in Korthos again and we had a great couple of hours clearing the island then the Harbour.

We hit level 4 just as we finished the level 2 Harbour quests on elite – so we have 2 in the Marketplace then we have to decide either to re-run the level 2’s or start on the level 3’s. I suspect we’ll just keep going. It was kind of funny though, Monster manual awards kept popping up as we ran the low stuff, causing us to leapfrog over each other in terms of XP πŸ™‚

Kobolds – Yark!

Other Stuff

Over the weekend we ran the new raids several times, I was running Dimachaerii as he is now my only level 28 character.

Looking out over the mirror puzzles

I think we now have all the puzzles sorted out between us – although there are differences in opinions within the guild about which puzzles are more fun than others in Temple of the Deathwyrm. Personally I quite like the red light/green light room πŸ˜€

Dim & Samius taking out a phylactery

Due to the number of ingredients required for weapons and armour (I’m thinking of getting at least two sets of hand wraps for Dim) I may actually have to see about pugging the raids mid week without the guild.. maybe πŸ˜›

Getting ready to take out the Dracolich Aurgloroasa

Although it’s still taking us a while to get through this raid (we’re mostly 6-8 manning it) the time has gone down dramatically from our first run, when we started learning the various parts.

Tobrils bladeforged looking all shiny

The Summit raid is also fun and quite a bit quicker. But I prefer the Deathwyrm raid so far!

Have fun, see you around!

7 thoughts on “Back to 1

  1. You know, just because you’re a druid and you *can* switch forms, doesn’t mean you *need* to switch forms. I know that kind of ‘flies-in-the-face” for some druid-ites out there, but I rarely switch forms on my druid.

    Guess I’m just playing him wrong (but I do enjoy playing him – MY way).

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