Penultimate Life Starts

Yep, I have TR’d Hymm again. Once this life is done he only has one more before he hits completionist. The next life is wizard and to be honest I have no idea what the build will be…

End of the sorcerer life

But this life is artificer. I decided to try something a bit different and so he will end up as 3 fighter/7 bard/10 artificer. This is a build tweaked after some great advice from my guildies (I was originally going 2 fighter & 5 bard). The 3 fighter lets me take Stalwart for some PRR and 7 bard gives me a quick displacement. I’ve taken Swashbuckler with the Tier 3 ‘Swashbuckling Style: Cannoneer’ which allows me to use a rune arm instead of a buckler. So far it’s working out nicely, although once I hit epics I may redo the enhancements and switch to using a buckler.

Start of the artificer life

So far we’ve run the 1st Lordsmarch chain and the ADQ flagging quests. Rach is in her 3rd monk life, after getting her 3 Shadar Kai artificer lives done. Since she also wants a bunch of paladin, bard, fighter lives etc she’s decided she might as get completionist too, if not triple. So that’s us busy for the next few years…. 😀

Other Stuff

I’ve started playing around with animation on the website. So far I’ve only implemented the one, which can be found at the top of my Characters page *. I have a revamp of the characters page in progress which will hopefully feature some more cool HTML5/CSS3 goodies. Maybe. WordPress does have this nasty habit of editing my HTML and I’m back to considering getting my site hosted somewhere else so I can do what I want with it. But that will depend on time – and how lazy I’m feeling 😛

* It doesn’t work on mobile formats and I haven’t checked older versions of IE. There’s that lazy thing again….

Have fun, see you around!

2 thoughts on “Penultimate Life Starts

  1. I’d looooove to get completionist on at least Even someday… but my alt-itis makes that really, REALLY difficult. Really liking the idea of that swashbuckly arti build though – my ranger is planning to TR into a swashbuckler when she hits 20 again. I was going to go pure bard, but that build of yours is looking really juicy – will have to think about that!

    Also, your character page looks awesome! I’ve thought about doing something like that (without all the coding goodies :D), but it’d probably take me forever to get all my toons done. I’m considering hosting my blog myself as well; there are so many more things you can do when WordPress doesn’t have total control.

  2. Yeah, I’m slowly working my way to completionist with Erd, it will take me forever but I hope to get there :). The Arti/Fighter/Bard build sounds interesting!!

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