This Week in Pictures

Because I’m too lazy to write…

Oh, OK maybe a few things then. The 35% boost to heroic XP (for VIPs, 20% for other DDO players) worked out very useful as we had Friday off work. Thursday night we ran the Orchard of the Macabre quests, which gave us enough XP to level up to 17 (18 banked). On Friday we hit Litany, running elite x 2 (Vol & Cinnis), hard x 1 (Mentau) and normal x 1 (Cholthulzz). So, guildies – we’re flagged for Abbot this life if you fancy running it…

Cinnis in Litany

Vol in Litany

Cholthulzz in Litany

You’d think, after the 4th consecutive run,
he’d remember who I was….

We ran the quests that get you over to Wheloon (Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, Shadow of a Doubt), Harbinger of Madness chain & Acid Wit, capping out the banked XP by running explorers & slays back in the Orchard. Level 18 with 19 banked.

We moved onto our favourites, the quests from the Vale of Twilight, following those up with the Lord of Dust chain. That left us approximately 10K from capping, so we went for the quick easy option – 10 minutes in the Vale of Twilight explorer area.

Acid Wit

Spinner of Shadows which we re-ran
eH once we hit level 20

Sunday we started running epics, starting with Vault of Night as that is a) huge XP b) a raid we tend to run a lot. VoN 1-4 got us from 20 to 21. Then we re-ran the Lord of Dust chain. I think we’re almost 22 now.

Then the rest of the guild arrived and we switched for running raids. Fall of Truth, Deathwyrm & Firepeak went quite nicely (although I have decided I do not like the jump puzzle in Deathwyrm).

Othala outside FoT

Dance off while waiting for Distributed
to run the mirrors 😀

I just thought this looked cool

It’s been a fun few days with a lot of XP!

Hymm taking advantage of
the stat tomes on sale

Willow showing off her *cough* attributes

Have fun, see you around!

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