I felt the need to blog about this. It really annoyed me.

Yesterday I put an LFM up for FoT. While waiting for the group to fill I got a tell saying ‘LFM UP LOSERS’. Odd, I thought, maybe I missed an existing LFM and the guy was annoyed… So I checked the panel. No, mine was the only FoT up there.

Then an LFM did pop up, from the person who had sent me the tell.

OK… I’ve blanked the name out, but let me just say it suggested he (I’m saying he for ease of writing..) came from another server which he obviously felt was much better than Sarlona.

So here’s my thoughts:-

  • DDO is an MMO. You know, lots of us, playing together…
  • FoT is a raid. Yes, I’ve short manned it. That was our choice at the time. That does not mean I refuse to play with other players, so getting 12 people together so we can all have fun and try to pull loot makes sense.
  • I know for a fact we have players on Sarlona who can solo eE GH. Good for them. I don’t want to 🙂
  • If your other server is so great wtf are you doing on Sarlona then?

I think I’m a fairly easy going person. I don’t really get annoyed easily, I tend to get along with people and just let things go if someone does tick me off. But this? This is why some of us don’t like to pug so much, how a few people can ruin it for everyone else.

So if the person in question should by some chance read this blog, my message is – grow the hell up!

OK, rant over 😛 Have fun, see you around!

11 thoughts on “LFM UP LOSERS

  1. When reading posts like this I am always amazed how much eneregy some people put in being annoying. It baffles me because what kind of fun could they gain out of it? but apperently there enough of this brainwarped people around. I am recently shifting to try more group play, (wanted to be more sure about myself first) and I only experienced a few times this kind of people in a party, but they indeed screw it up for all with minimum effort.

  2. Haha, yeh i just dont get why someone would waste their time doing it, some people just like to annoy others it seems

  3. “That’s nice. You go right ahead and solo it. Me, i’m gonna multiply my chances of getting the loot i want by 12. Have fun now!”

  4. I’ve never experienced the idiots in DDO yet, as I’ve only ever played with RL friends or solo ( for the above reasons ). I have however come across players like this in another mmo, always teenagers, usually while their having a break from their consoles.

  5. There are many types of players on the DDO servers as on other games…. Some are children who feel that actions dont have consequences. Parental supervision is present mostly when live chat is going on, but not when they are texting. I too have seen lots of malicious chat in general chat as well as other places. Responsibility for what you say and how you say it isnt policed unless it is vulgar. I have reported before for non/vulgar but hateful malicious chat, IDK if it was acted upon but at least it made me feel like I was acting upon it and hopefully preventing that person from “getting away with it”. And Hey you have a screen shot on top of that…all the better! To the person who did it, I’m sorry that you feel that you have to act that way and I hope that you can find some compassion for others so that WE ALL can enjoy the game..and I hope you dont create bad Karma for yourself… because as they say in Japanese you have just committed BATCHI.

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