Thou Hast Finished Paladin

Otherwise known as “Life 32 Complete” but I’m getting bored of using variations on that as a blog post title.

But yes, we capped yesterday. My build was (something that would make Lessah and all other Paladin lovers shudder) 7 Paladin/7 Rogue/6 Monk quarterstaff build. I really thought this was my final Paladin life (assuming I stick with 3 of each and DDO don’t bring in incentives to run more) but it turns out I have one more to go. Darn.

I had it marked as a good build and when we first started out (at level 14, this life was back to Iconic) I couldn’t see why. It turns out, this build is complete fun once you hit epic. Because I could basically run into the mobs and wail on them while Rach, with her Gnome wizard, blasted them from behind. Unless they decided to run after her instead.

Which they did like to do.

A lot.

Abishai trying to get at Rach

After getting the House K favour we needed, and topping up Rach’s Heart Seeds, we TR’d. We are switching builds from our previous life – Rach is running my pure Ranger build while I run her Druid multiclass build. This will also be my last Druid life (I’ve checked on this, I’m completely positive about that). Slowly but surely I am getting closer to Triple Completionist.

Eveningstar Challenges helped us finish – but since when is the dragon white?

We’ve already cleared Korthos and hit level 3, so we’ve started running quests at Reaper 1. OK, yes, not very adventurous of us, but we do like like to keep a good pace for getting through quests and I’ve never said I’m a competent player 😀 But it’s a good way to eek out some Reaper XP.

Don’t think he appreciates the wolf tugging on his sleeves…

In fact, since writing the bulk of this blog at lunch we have logged on this evening and hit level 4. Rach has shown me how to use the new Cannith Crafting and we’re all decked out in some pretty decent level 4 gear. Usually I just make do with whatever drops until I hit the levels for gear I have stashed. I also happened to obtain a new pet this evening… 😛

Tuff – a light, porous rock formed by the consolidation of volcanic ash

Finally, I got very excited when I saw Evennote tweet this video by Voodu Spyce showing off the new Dragonborn race on Lamannia. Honestly, I had no idea it was due so soon – hopefully sometime this month. And it looks fab!

Have fun, see you around!

2 thoughts on “Thou Hast Finished Paladin

  1. Even’s second life (and she’s currently only on her third ’cause I’m lazy and I have alt-itis) was monk with fighter and rogue splashes, so she’s not TOO appalled by your build. LOL

    Good luck on getting to triple completionist! 🙂

    And yeah. Dragonborn look freakin’ AMAZEBALLS.

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