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This blog is well over a week late – because we TR’d last weekend after completing our last set of lives (mine a Druid, Rach a Ranger). That was (thankfully) my last Druid life. I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed any of them, apart from the use of the Earthquake spell.

Earthquake all the things

Obviously Druid is just *not my thing*. The pure Ranger build I used on a previous life, which I enjoyed so much, was the build Rach was running this life – and she didn’t really enjoy it. So by the time we hit level 20, neither of us were too bothered about running epic levels. I’ve got Epic Completionist, Rach didn’t care if she didn’t get it for a few more lives, so we decided to skip our usual process and TR’d into Iconic characters.

Photobombed by a Taken!

So Hymm is now (or will be) a Shadar Kai Rogue 2/Fighter 18 and Rach is running a pure Deep Gnome Wizard. The Fighter/Rogue build is purely being made up on the spot. I put enough points in INT to get decent trapping and the rest is in STR & CON. So far I’m having lots of fun running around and hitting things with a sword and shield. And while I’m doing that Rach blasts everything into oblivion 🙂

Ready to take on the Droaam army


Depending on how you got to this post you are either at my old site or my new site. I’ve decided to give a site hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform a try. I haven’t completely decided if I’m going to stay here, but so far it’s looking likely as I have a new website I need to get sorted out and I can add it here so everything is managed in one place. I hope you like the new look!


It’s not released (yet) but the Android version is out for beta testing – I am getting closer. Yes I know I’ve been saying that for over a year but I’m fairly sure I’ve covered the facts that a) I’m lazy b) if I’m not being lazy I’m busy at/with work. But I’m really glad I got some people to test it first, they’ve made some great comments on issues that I probably wouldn’t have thought of. Hopefully I’ll get a new version out for them to test within the next week and if that’s OK, will release via the Android Store. I have also updated the OS on my Mac so I can start putting together an iOS version. I will do a Windows version too, possibly putting that out when the Android version is released. It will depend on funds, since I have to pay to put things on the various platform stores.

And that’s everything I had to tell you 🙂 Have fun, see you around!

3 thoughts on “TR, Site & App

  1. Please fix the size / formatting for future screen shots and images (see my blog). There is also no option to reblog posts to from your new site.

    • We’ve already discussed my blogs image sizes and how I’m not going to resize them. I’ve moved the ‘more’ link so the image is no longer on the excerpt though.

      I’ll have a look at the reblog issue. The new site has different admin abilities and the sharing options don’t appear to be available. But since I only blog about once every two months lately you’re not really missing out 😀

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