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If you follow me on twitter you will know that, apart from listening to rock music and playing DDO, I also write code. I work for a small software company in the UK that builds bespoke applications for companies.

Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now is build apps. I’ve mentioned it a few times but, when it gets down to it, most of the time I cannot be bothered coding outside work. I like my free time.

So I need to focus and give up some spare time if I want to do this. I’d like to start with working on something small and simple (and free to whoever wants it) and what better than to combine my love of DDO with it? I’ve decided to write an app that will contain, if possible, puzzle solutions for use throughout the game.

I realise we already have an android app for the Shrouds light puzzle. In a way I will be duplicating this (I actually contacted the guy who wrote that and he let me have his code so I could write for other mobile formats), but my idea is to have other things in there. So far I have:-

  • Shroud
  • Demon Queen Riddle
  • Deathwyrm raid mirrors
  • Rackhams Trial (lever puzzle)
  • Ghost of a Chance (end puzzle)
  • Crucible maze
  • Enter the Kobold
  • Monastery of the Scorpion (though I could include this as part of the Shroud section)

Can anybody think of any other puzzles I could include? Also, I’d really like to know what mobile operating systems people use – just for my own planning. I have included a quick survey below πŸ™‚ I’m intending to start by writing it for Windows then move on to iOS and Android, but the survey may change my plans πŸ˜€

Yes, some of you may be thinking it’s a waste of time. Lots of people have dual monitors and use the DDO wiki – but not everybody! And to be honest, this is just a way of getting me into coding apps πŸ˜€

Thanks for your time & (hopefully) suggestions πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “DDO Apps

  1. Hey Grim, wish you luck on the app development. Maybe another puzzle would be the Stormreaver puzzle? Out of curiosity is there a way to make an app that shows the symbols for the various rune wheels in some quests. Like the rune wheels in the Pit, I always have to track down my screenshots of those things :).

    • The Stormreaver puzzle is an excellent suggestion! Yes I shall add that to the list.

      And yes the rune wheels are also a good idea, I could have them as a section to themselves and you choose which quest you want. Shall make a note of that too – thanks!

    • Good tip about the rune wheels, its always annoying to forget what rune wheel needs which symbol in a quest. Especially when we have loads of em in big top for example!

      Great to see you are getting into Windows first Grimorde, it might just be the first “independant” app I download on my phone πŸ™‚

  2. Optional puzzle at the end of Finding the Path (or whatever the “first” Inspired Quarter quest is called)?

    And while I’m sure a large number of players have them memorized, why not add in the rune wheels for Tangleroot and Sorrowdusk for a more “complete” puzzle solution?

  3. I find myself also always looking up rune wheels. Big top, t root, etc. I use map/pictures to get thru inferno and the pit. Shadow crypt paths.

  4. Great idea to do an app. I still play with the Shroud solver on my phone when I can’t get wifi. Good to keep practiced.

    Think everyone covered the main puzzles. I always find sane asylum is really tough. Good luck coding πŸ™‚

    • I couldn’t find an app that had more than one puzzle solution. I actually have the Demon Queen, Shroud & Reavers Fate solvers on my android, but they’re all separate.

      Tangleroot added to my list! πŸ˜€

      • On the other hand, you’re also talking about a lot more puzzles than are in that one *g* Great idea for an app! Some more puzzles:

        – The one in Haunted Halls that closes the gates and opens the door.
        – Sane Asylum
        – Cannith Storehouse
        – Stopping the Sahuagin
        – VoN 4
        – Haunted Library
        – VoN 2 maze, and Study in Sable maze
        – VoN 5 (puzzle *and* runewheels!)
        – Mirrors in Thunderholme to *get* to Deathwyrm

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