Last Life for Completionist

On Saturday, a week later than I’d intended, Hymm finally hit 28. I’d hoped to get there the previous weekend but work & social life got in the way, and in the last week I’ve only played for the odd hour or so.

Regardless – he hit cap on Saturday and I immediately switched to other characters that I need to cap so I wasn’t wasting XP. I could have stayed with him for the Heart Seed rewards, I suppose, but the XP was more important.

The build worked out really well – much better than I expected. The only thing I would do differently is make sure I put more in Perform while leveling up. From level 15-20 there was some squishiness at times, my self heals were pretty bad. But once I hit 20, with cocoon and running in Divine Crusader, I never had a problem. It was a really fun build and I think I might go back to it after this next life to get my next two artificer lives out of the way – which also means once I have them done I can scrap my BtC rune arms.

Sunday morning I started working on my next build. Usually I have it ready several days in advance but I’ve been that busy with other things I didn’t get a chance. A few hours later I had a build, cleared my TR cache and was done 😀 Hymm is now 2 rogue/12 wizard (to be 18 wizard) Shadar Kai Pale Master. Rach has TR’d into a PDK fighter and we’re kind of hoping to just massacre everything in our path 😛 We managed to get one quest done on Sunday before switching to epic characters to run with guildies and it went really well.

Bonus – I look like some kind of death knight

13 levels until completionist!

Have fun, see you around!

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