Update 15, Bugs & Apps

We ran the new content on Monday. I did find it funny that I kept seeing tweets and posts from Turbine about new monsters in the update… when they are just green flesh golems 🙂 But the missions themselves are pretty fun, the last mission in particular looks great. Sure, there are bugs with the missions, sure there are new bugs created by the update (will todays hotfix sort some of these out I wonder?) but there was nothing that caused us to actually stop running the missions.

Meanwhile, my partner would really, REALLY like Turbine to get that invisibility bug sorted out, which they reckon had been fixed but hasn’t. If you haven’t seen it, it occurs when you go from one instance to another in a zone. For example, running between decks on the guild ship. Or in and out of caves in the Orchard of the Macabre. You pop out and all you can see is a floating weapon. I’ve only had it happen a few times myself, but she has it happen a LOT! Lol

The Shroud & VoD raids continue as we try to get some nice gear for our next TR lives. We’re also trying different combinations of characters in the hope we can continue running them once our level 25’s have been reduced back to level 1 🙂

In other news, jjflanigan has put together an android & iOS app for Cannith Crafting. Very useful and I highly recommend you give it a try!

I really wish they’d fixed the hirelings in the hotfix today. Or is it just me that has hirelings that refuse to stand still when I tell them explicitly to do so??

6 thoughts on “Update 15, Bugs & Apps

  1. 🙂 Happens to Wolf all the time, btw. When Jarvanna and Wolf are buffing, when they come back outside from having been inside the ship, then wolf’s invisible. Haven’t tested it since the update though.

  2. Ive always had trouble with invisibilty bug, especially my bard who still gets it on ships

    Have the tp, think i’ll get new pack when games back up

  3. Speaking of bugs,my fav is Vorpal Strikes. Release notes clearly state its fixed. At the same time known issues list vorpal strikes as a new issue in u15(and not working ofc).
    God Bless the QA team. Someone has to.

  4. Hmm. Is this invisibility bug like when everyone and Harry become invisible except for their buffs in Pt 4 and 5 of Shroud? I always blamed my graphics card!

  5. @Finch I’ve never seen that one! But no, I don’t think it’s the same…. it’s specifically the going in and out of doors that seems to trigger it.

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