The Sound of a Chest Opening

Does anybody else automatically think of this sound with the new chest sound effect?

I do!! lol

6 thoughts on “The Sound of a Chest Opening

  1. erm….nope, probably bc i never played Zelda 😉
    But i do think “Shiny Chest!” everytime i see and hear it pop!

  2. Having never played Ocarina of Time (Old school, yo! Gimme the original! Or the sequel! Or A Link to the Past! Or even Link’s Awakening! None of this new-fangled stuff i can’t run on my SNES!)… No, no it doesn’t.

  3. Heehee, I was going to write about that! The first time I opened a chest post-Update 15, I thought there was some special glitter item, like the superimposed epic tokens of yore. After a minute of frantic clicking and mutters of “Where’s mah glitter?!” I gave up.

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