What’s in a Name?

Something a bit different..

Everybody knows Arraetrikos from The Shroud as Harry…but are there any other NPC’s that you have alternative names for? Here are a few from our guild:-

  • Lykomedes (Vale of Twilight rare bearded devil) – for some reason we call him Archimedes
  • Johanie Muhurrem(Vale of Twilight rare gnoll) – Johnny Mushroom ‘here’s Johnny!’
  • Laurolle Ehouarn (Vale of Twilight rare gnoll) – the ‘not so rare’ rare (he’s always there!)
  • Queen Lailat – er.. I can’t actually repeat the names we have for her, they’re not very nice…
  • No-Tar (giant in Maze of Madness) – we don’t have an alternate name for this guy, but he always makes us chuckle, because ‘no ta’ is Yorkshire speak (region in the UK) for ‘No thank you’. OK, nobody else is probably going to laugh at that, so moving on….

Any characters you have alternates names for?

10 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. 🙂 I’m trying to remembers any names at all, lol. I’m not good with names. Someone called the boss in the reaver’s fate for Big Green, so he’s just big green. And Abbot’s Abbot. All Demon queens are just demon queen to me. 😀 I don’t really pay attention to names, so I don’t remember them.

    😀 in fact, I tent to call bosses “the boss dude”.

  2. Well, I tend to call the common enemies Tiny Uglies and the named enemies Big Uglies. Cause… well… Theyre all ugly. At least when compared to me, the Queen of DDO.

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  4. I always nickname Kasquik The Mighty (kobold paragon boss in The Shroud) Nesquik the mighty (after the brand of chocolate/cereals), and Sagrata I call him “ça gratte” (it itches).

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