The Spinner of Shadows Made Us Do It!!

Look what the Spinner of Shadows made us do!! There are 5 of us in there. It looks like we’re having an orgy or something…..

She is both evil and RUDE! 🙂

Although I tried using geoffhanna’s awesome gif instructions, I could not get GAP to work with my installation of GIMP. So I used gifninja instead. A very handy little site.

8 thoughts on “The Spinner of Shadows Made Us Do It!!

  1. @Micki it was a race to see who could get closest before getting held – it just worked out slightly unexpected 🙂

  2. Just so everyone washes their hands – thoroughly! – before eating. Hard to tell where all those hands have been.

    🙂 nice 🙂

  3. But you’re not nekkid! It’s not a REAL party until the nekkid dancing starts – this looks like a pretty good beginning though. LOL

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