Going over to the dark side…

I have a clonk that has kind of stalled at level 11. I don’t think I really thought it through when I decided to build a warforged monk/cleric … Well I never said I was the best builder of characters!

Anyway, I picked up a +5 heart of wood a few weeks ago and made a start on getting rid of those cleric levels, I’ve decided to re-spec as a pure dark monk. I guess I could have re-rolled him and started again. But he has a full set of +2 tomes and some BtC Mabar wraps that I didn’t want to lose.

I’ve decided to give the dark side a proper try with my rebuild. Dimachearii (derived from Dimachaerus – a gladiator who fought with two swords) will have both touch of death and whirlwind attack.

I suspect he will look awesome but do sucky damage. Ah well, we’ll see 🙂

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