This week in DDO…

Well, nothing especially exciting has happened in the last week or so, but here’s a quick recap anyway.

Hymm, my 3rd lifer, is now a level 12 barbarian (I think I have level 13 banked… if not I’m close) and I’m happily running around bashing things over the head with great axes. The team has a nice combo going and we seem to be able to cover all the bases (healing, trapping, cc etc). We even did Hold for Reinforcements at level, on elite, over the weekend. I hate that guy… did you know a fire mephit only has to LOOK at him and he dies?!? However, kudos to my missus who spent the 15 minutes of the mission stood over Coyle with her paladin, healing as required, while we killed 🙂

My second 3rd lifer, Fyrne, is now a level 6 fighter. I’m getting good dps from him too. He’s not quite as much fun as the barbarian though… and I’m seriously considering LR’ing him to add a splash of rogue. This is partly because we are definitely lacking rogue skills from this group. And yes, I know, if you know where the traps are you should be able to avoid them etc but where’s the fun in that? Plus, I like the idea of having evasion. I think that sorts my lunch break at work out – playing with the character planner 🙂

My dark monk has finally switched epic destinies, from GMoF to LD. But I will be switching back every time I do anything that won’t be giving me much XP. Which gives me a reason to run Lord of Dust even more 🙂

On non DDO news, I’ve just picked up Drake 3 for the PS3 nice and cheap. I love Drake 1 & 2 and from what I’ve heard, 3 is just as good. So I may actually drag myself away from the PC for a bit when it gets delivered….. but I don’t imagine it will be for long 🙂

OK that’s me done for now. Hope you’re all having fun in game. See you around!

*** EDIT ***
Well, look at me forgetting the most important thing that has happened this week!

There’s a good chance we’ll hit level 70 again tonight, as I’m not sure we got enough of a buffer in place for todays decay to hit – but woohoo anyway 🙂

Going over to the dark side…

I have a clonk that has kind of stalled at level 11. I don’t think I really thought it through when I decided to build a warforged monk/cleric … Well I never said I was the best builder of characters!

Anyway, I picked up a +5 heart of wood a few weeks ago and made a start on getting rid of those cleric levels, I’ve decided to re-spec as a pure dark monk. I guess I could have re-rolled him and started again. But he has a full set of +2 tomes and some BtC Mabar wraps that I didn’t want to lose.

I’ve decided to give the dark side a proper try with my rebuild. Dimachearii (derived from Dimachaerus – a gladiator who fought with two swords) will have both touch of death and whirlwind attack.

I suspect he will look awesome but do sucky damage. Ah well, we’ll see 🙂

I’m baaaack

OK, so I’ve been a bit remiss by not updating my blog lately. To be honest, I didn’t think people would be interested in hearing the exciting adventures of my TR’ing my monk (into another monk) so soon after TR’ing my Paladin (into a Favoured Soul).

However, I capped my monks second life at the weekend and I’m quite chuffed at how he’s turned out on his second life. I think, as a guild, we will probably concentrate on running epics & challenges for the next few weeks to crunch out some gear, ready for the expansion pack release. And here’s hoping the release is on time as the majority of my guild have booked that week off work…. 🙂