Slogging through life 34

At least, I *think* this is life 34!

The build itself has been quite fun. I had forgotten how nice it was to just hit things 🙂 But since my last post about TR’ing into this life was at the end of May, it shows just how long it’s taken to get from 15 to our current 27 1/2. We’re just not playing as much as we used to. But, the end is in sight and we’re hoping to make a push this week to cap.

Snake guy

Which I am really looking forward to because we’ve decided to break with our usual TR process and get a few Racial Reincarnations in place. I’m fairly sure Rach will be running her halfling Rogue builds (and damn me if she doesn’t do a good job of that) and I’m thinking Dragonborn monk because a) Hymm started as a monk and will end as a monk b) I miss punching things c) dragonborn! As much as I’ve loved my quarterstaff builds (of which there have been many!) I’m looking forward to going back to hand wraps.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get a Jibbers Blade – it’s right there!

So, we come to the reason for this blog. I’m hoping to get a chance this week to research builds but I am very busy with work so…. does anybody have any recommendations? Links to builds on the forums or other sites would be great. Ideally, hand wrap, punch things in the face, builds – but I’m also open to trying any good bowcher builds. If you have any suggestions, let me know 😉 Thanks.

We have also been trying to squeeze in some playtime on characters in our alternative (first) guild: Heros of the Dragons Wrath. A few weeks ago there was an Astral Shard sale and we splashed out and upgraded to the Daedalean Krakon. We’ve even managed to fill it with buffs!

New ship!

And to finish off – love this shot I took from within the Stormhorns this morning 🙂

Have fun, see you around!

4 thoughts on “Slogging through life 34

  1. Good luck with the racial reincarnations, I have a horrible feeling on the two current builds I am look at 40 lives between them. And that doesn’t include any new race, which considering the recent ddocast we may get with or just after Ravenloft. Speak in about 5 years on how we are getting on.

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