It’s Alive!

Way back when, in the mists of time *cough* 3 years ago *cough* I said I was putting together an app that would bring together solvers for the puzzles found in DDO. And as of today – that app is live!

As an excuse I would like to offer Bonnie’s explanantion

OK, it’s only out on Windows (10) for now (since I reckon most DDO players have 2 monitors and hopefully Windows 10)….

And it doesn’t have solvers for every puzzle in the game (there are a LOT in DDO!!)….

But it’s a start πŸ™‚ I’ve already started setting up a Google Play account to release the app for Android. There is a bug in the android version (you can’t zoom the images) but I want to get a version out. I might [techie talk!] try and completely rewrite the app in Xamarin, rather than it’s current Apache Cordova incarnation [end techie talk!], to try and make it more robust on the various platforms.

Unfortunately iOS will have to wait as Apple charge way more than Microsoft and Google.

I’ve set up a page about the app here.

10 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. Windows 10 SUCKS!!!!! (Though Apple sucks more…) I’m still running Win7 (which sucks less, but much more than XP). And no (2) monitors, either – just one, big (48-inch) HD TV.

      • No problem. I’m one of those techies who believe “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” as opposed to so many IT people who think you always have to have the latest patch as soon as it’s available (even though history has shown this can cause more problems than it solves). I’d still be running XP, if certain programs (sorry, “apps”) didn’t make me upgrade, so I’ll be running 7 until some other new thing forces me to. It wouldn’t be so bad except every time they ‘upgrade’ something, they completely change the UI or where things are located or some other incredibly annoying ‘thing’ (like taking away functionality or choice) to the point I can’t find anything or figure out how to do certain things anymore. (I still say that from a UI perspective, IE6 was the best.) Bah!
        Besides – I have an Android phone.

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