Grinding for XP

After a few days away from DDO I came back refreshed and ready to continue my TR of Hymm. Myself and Rach ran the level 8 & 9 quests on elite, so by Saturday we were level 11, 1 XP away from leveling to 12, thanks to a great run of Xorian Cipher. However our latest guildie has also recently TR’d and was sat back at level 7. We decided to give our main characters a few days break so he could try to catch us up to run with us. So on Saturday night, when other guildies were around to shortman eE VoN 5 & 6, I decided to run my artificer Othala.

To be brutally honest it was bad. Not the run, we managed fine, but I hadn’t realised how bad the artificer DPS was at high levels. Or maybe it’s my artificer DPS. I admit I haven’t spent much time getting him the latest & greatest gear, but he was very slow to clear out the bad guys…

I was quite annoyed and decided I had to TR him. I asked Rach if she’d mind helping and she agreed, as she has been wanting to TR her cleric for a while. Unfortunately I also wanted to eTR him and he has no epic destiny spheres fully completed (did I mention he doesn’t get played much?). I had nearly 2 million XP to get.

There was a lovely sunset in the High Road the other day

The problem I have is when I get an idea in my head to do something – I have to do it. So on Sunday morning Rach & I ran all the obvious XP heavy quests we could think of that we felt we could manage and got a few saga’s completed. We knew we wouldn’t be able to run eE with just the two of us, so eH was the level of choice – and I was still pretty crappy! In Devils Assault Rach’s cleric had a much higher kill count than me.

My crappy kill count 😦

Unfortunately running like that meant the XP was slow in going up. It’s one of the few times in recent years I’ve felt that getting XP was an actual grind 😦 But on Sunday evening when we jumped on, a guild party was running High Road then Wheloon eE. We jumped in with that, I picked up a 50% XP pot and…. wow! I have some great guildies 🙂 By the end of the night I had reached the XP I needed (plus a bit extra in another sphere). Even more surprising Aldrac pointed out we were pretty much running a balanced party: 1 cleric, 2 barbarians, 1 paladin, 1 ranger and my artificer. And since I could do all the traps and locks I felt useful (since I know I didn’t help much with the kills).

So hopefully in the next few days I’ll rebuild Othala as a sorcerer (I enjoyed my caster lives on Hymm and decided I could do with a permanent version) and I believe Rach is doing the same as we both want 3 sorc lives then 3 wizard. Both of us running as casters could be lots of nuking fun or a complete disaster 😀 I guess we’ll see!

And to finish, here’s a picture of one of my guildies in his barbarian life dual wielding bouquets of flowers 😀

Flower power…

Have fun, see you around 🙂

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