Producers Letter

Last night (UK time) DDO released the 2015 Producers Letter by Severlin.

Normally I don’t blog about these. Geoff does a much better job of it and I’m sure he’ll have a post about this himself.

But there was just one thing that made me really, really happy.

Epic Vale! Epic Vale!!

Am I happy about this?

Vale of Twilight is, without a doubt, my favourite area of DDO. I love the quests, I love the raid and I really hope Turbine give the epic version the love & attention it deserves. And although I would be ‘OK’ with it just epic’ed – I think we can all agree they should take this opportunity to give us the quests and raids in a new format. Hopefully, the fact it is sectioned as ‘New Storylines’ means this is their intention.

OK that’s all I had to say 😀

Have fun, see you around!

Epic Vale {squee!}

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