9 thoughts on “What is wrong with this picture..?

  1. @legend no actually they were all ranging the dragon 🙂

    @micki that’s the barbarian frenzy giving vicious to my weapon. I was doing fine until the guys lost aggro and the dragon turned round and stomped on my head… 😛

  2. You said “my ranged sucks” so you caught to feed the dragon. Next time i will feed the dragon if you get a Gnollish War Bow i am sure your ranged will be more then mine. pew pew pew.

    Also we all know you intimed…

  3. “While Sam wrestles the hungry dragon, we rangers will hang out on the sidelines, pew-pew a few arrows and nurse our Mai Tais and ales.” #marlinperkinswasapiker #wildkingdom

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