Why oh why oh Wyoh…

I think all the monsters in DDO know that Wyoh only has 270 hit points. They talk about her while waiting for adventurers to enter their domain, giggling about how easy it would be to gang up on her and take her out so the unsuspecting so and so who hired her is stuck without a cleric.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Wyoh knows she only has 270 hit points >.<

10 thoughts on “Why oh why oh Wyoh…

  1. Ha! Wyoh and Klin are possibly #’s 1 and 2 on the most useless hires there are in game….tho, I do have to include the new ‘epic’ hire, Andaro, in the honorable mention department. He doesn’t heal, he doesn’t listen, all he wants to do is mace, mace, mace evildoers. I pray to any and all gods that will listen that he’ll just go find a nice, quiet lava pool to stand in…

  2. I haven’t had much problem with Andaro healing me, but I tend to park him a bit away and scoot back to healing range when the old hp drop

  3. I had similar problems with Heystack. Someone suggested i try the favored soul hirelings instead. I did and they were right! Much better.

  4. Acanthia, at lvl 25, still uses Albus when she wants a hire because the epic level ones are also at epic levels of stupidity.

    As for the non-epic ones, Heystack gets my vote for Most Useless, followed by Wyoh, and then Klin (who is less useless because at least he has the summoned Hezrou). Generally I think the FvS hires tend to be smarter than the clerics, except for an occasional tendency to blow a lot of mana on offensive spells when there are only one or two mobs around. But I’ve run with live players who did that too. LOL

  5. I like wyoh. So long as you fight near her you can keep her alive so she can heal you. Let her wander off and she’s toast tho.

    Albus is the best FVS. My husband and I duo with 20+ toons and the Wyoh/Albus healing team


  6. I have to admit, my 20+ chars always have Albus in their contract folders… my partner tends to get Wyoh. This post stemmed from a run of Devils Assault on eN where, as soon as the devils appeared, ported straight to Wyoh to bash her. Even with my monk spamming Drifting Lotus as much as possible, they’d get her eventually 🙂

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