XP Restrictions

I was running Lord of Dust on eH this morning, once again looking for a possible shard drop, but also getting xp for my epic destinies, when I noticed this:-

So, this means I’ll get no more decent xp on this mission unless I change to eE? Darn!

7 thoughts on “XP Restrictions

  1. I got -40% xp on eHard Devil Assault last night for 6x repetition. I haven’t even run it on eHard 6 times, only 4. The two previous ones (or maybe just one) I believe were pre U14, so elite as a matter of fact.

  2. Check out what XP you get for the other levels of EPIC, you would still get a good amount on your first time completing, but the you will get the same cap for running so many times overall. I have the same capped amount on eHard, but on eNormal, I will get 20k, when I decide to run.

  3. @Micki: it’s not number of times per difficulty, it’s number of times. You can run something 28 times on casual, then your second time on EE you’ll get bupkus (Well, assuming they toss Heroic and Epic into the same bag, which i suspect they do ’cause I don’t get streak going my first time on epics I’ve run on heroic).

    @Tor: Might be worth checking EC and EN also, first time completions on those should be pretty decent XP (though you might take a 25% and 50% penalty for your level, you’ll get the first time bonus and won’t get the repetition penalty)

  4. Think LrdSivhnd covered it. But if that is not super clear.

    Every run regardless of diff has a counter. after 3 runs you start taking a penally. First time on a given diff adds to the counter but doesn’t use the penally.

    That is why you will see a lot of EEEHNC or some kind of break down it is to get the max xp possible out of a quest with out any penalties.

  5. Thanks all for the comments and explanations. I guess I was just, initially, surprised. Especially with the XP we need to get in order to unlock multiple epic destinies. I’ll just have to vary my quests, instead of sticking with my favourites 🙂

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