Pirates Pillaged my Airship!

During todays downtime I got a few jobs done, came back to play when my missus told me things were back up early, and discovered that our airship had been pillaged (by air pirates?).

Now, I wouldn’t mind, but that is the second time this week this has happened. I am seriously thinking of petitioning the Coin Lords to supply ballista for airship use.

They had them in The Shard Axe – why not?

3 thoughts on “Pirates Pillaged my Airship!

  1. Aerial combat involving airships is just one the things missing from this game, that would be really good.
    Bring on the air pirates!

  2. Ugh, AGAIN?! I logged in Monday and, when I found an empty airship, decided to surprise my guildmate by putting all our buffs back with a month of time on them. So much for that.

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