My thoughts on MotU

What I don’t like:-

  • The UI around items
  • Getting to Faerun (although it’s a lot like Amrath I guess)

What I like:-

  • Kings Forest
  • New loot
  • Kings Forest
  • Everything looks awesome
  • All fans of the film ‘The Princess Bride’ need to pay attention when doing the mission ‘Murder by Night’!!
  • Corn fields!
  • Shrinking mudmen 🙂
  • er…did I mention Kings Forest looks frikkin’ awesome!!?

So there you go 🙂

4 thoughts on “My thoughts on MotU

  1. King’s Forest is a sure winner, but i like the other areas too except DemonWeb and the webs changing! Clever, but frustrating. (Less so once i got all locations)

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