House Cannith Teleportation

After running some challenges this morning I have this to say:-

Dear Turbine

Please can you add House C to the teleportation list for the guild ship navigator? (Yes I am that lazy).

Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “House Cannith Teleportation

  1. House C has a teleportal, unfortunately the ship portals and teleportals are all spread apart from each other. (We really need a Grand Central Station with a “lightning rail”.) The closest I can think of is take House J off the ship and then down the hill to the teleporter to House C, or maybe House D then across to that teleporter.

  2. Fantastic though that the Expansion allows quick return to the Guild Ship from the Caverns! But yes, quicker access to House C desired. I don’t get also why the two crafting halls are not connected. Perhaps that’s just me!

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