11 thoughts on “Squeak Squad

  1. Can you resize the images you embed in your posts? This image is very large and covered the sidebar on ddocentral.com when I reblogged it. I asked Erdrique to do the same a few months ago and now there is no problem with reblogging his posts.

        • I think I can only customize images using CSS for WordPress if I had a Premium blog, which is $99 a year. I already tried to find an option in my WordPress template that would resize images automatically and it was locked for a free site.

          • But I do pay to customise my site – so that I can use larger images that can be clicked through to if (on the rare occasion) people are interested in seeing the full size image.

            Maybe just don’t reblog my posts that have images in the first part (you can tell by what is shown from the main page)? I don’t really fancy having to re-size all my images & re do my links (for existing posts) and I have enough trouble getting myself to blog without having to change what I do with my images 😀

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