Back in the Game – Life 13

It’s been a busy 6 weeks. We moved house at the beginning of August, moving into a property with no internet. Then we went on holiday. When we got back, we still had no internet but I tried my mobile phone’s 3G tethering and found it worked surprisingly well for playing DDO. Then Rachel’s hard drive died and she couldn’t play 😦 so we stopped while I had a new drive ordered & delivered & I had time to put it in.

So the past week has been the first time we’ve properly been back in DDO for a while. Surprisingly I didn’t really miss it that much (yep, there goes my DDO street cred!).

Anyway, when we left the game we were part way through an epic TR and had reached level 24. We had decided not to TR before the move as weren’t sure when we’d get to play again and felt we’d make more progress with an epic TR. So we’ve spent the last week running quests for sagas. The weekend XP boost helped too, with us both hitting level 28 on Sunday. Since we didn’t want to waste the bonus XP we both switched to alternative characters that have not yet hit 28 while running epic Demon Queen with the guild, although I switched back to Hymm when we decided to run FoT as he’s light on CoV’s. Considering it was a 7 manned eH and I haven’t run the raid in months I thought I did OK. And Rach did an excellent job of stepping in as Stormreaver tank when Samius had an unfortunate accident with a boom, a role she hasn’t done before 😀

But, as we have hit cap it means it’s “that time” again. Monday we both iconic TR’d. Rachel has gone into her 3rd Shadar Kai artificer incarnation. Hymm has become a sorcerer, leaving just two more classes after this life to hit completionist.

I’ll be honest (and I’ve probably mentioned this before) I don’t normally play casters. But we ran the 1st Lordsmarch chain followed by Offering of Blood in the Sands (we always stop our iconic leveling at 14 so we can run Lordsmarch & Chains of Flames/Wizard King at level) and not only did I not die, I also killed some stuff. Not a lot – but the number increased as I got used to the new build. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how this life does.

Need to fill those hotbars up!

OK that’s it for now. I just wanted to get back into the swing of DDO blogs, as I don’t seem to have done any in a while.

Have fun and see you around!

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