GenCon & San Francisco: Day 7 – Union Square & Castro

Wednesday was not our best day. For starters I woke up with a sore throat and sneezes. I’m fairly sure I picked that up from a French tourist stood near us on the ferry back from Alcatraz 😦

Then we went for breakfast and the omelettes we ordered looked more like blancmange and weren’t that great. We did manage to work out the bus journey to Union Sq easily enough. It’s a nice area used to show off various performances on different days. From there we walked a few blocks to the cable car terminal where you can purchase bus passes. No more needing exact change 🙂

We caught a tram over to the Castro, which was a place I was really looking forward to seeing again. The Castro is San Francisco’s gay village with pride flags hung up around all the streets. We stopped for a coffee when we got there at a Starbucks and sat outside drinking it. Rach lit a cigarette and then got told off by an old guy who informed her it was a no smoking area, though he waited until she had almost finished her cigarette. She apologised, put out the cigarette, then sat there quietly ranting for 5 minutes about the no smoking signs being hidden 😀

We headed off to look around but all the streets were being redone, pavements were dug up, there was so much noise from the drills. So we decided to jump into a little Mexican place for food. Big mistake, it was terrible. :-\

Feeling kind of annoyed I suggested getting the tram back to Fisherman’s Wharf and walking back to the apartment from there. Rach agreed so we did that. By the time we reached Fisherman’s Wharf the sun had decided to come out and the walk back was really nice, helped along by a yummy ice cream cone from the Ben & Jerry store.

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