GenCon & San Francisco: Day 4 – More Travelling

So, Sunday morning we were meeting John & Ben in the hotel lobby to share a cab to the airport. We were in bed by 12.30 am, after the burlesque show, alarm set for 5 am. Obviously that was the night my brain decided I needed to worry about my alarm not going off :-\

But we got downstairs on time, got to the airport easily (its a pain getting up early but worth it for no traffic!), checked in, then said goodbye to Ben. We were on the same flight as John to Atlanta. In fact he was sat directly behind us on the flight too 🙂 We arrived at Atlanta 10 minutes earlier than our given time, were off the plane 10 minutes later than our given time :-/ And I’d realised that morning we only had an hour between flights. We head rapidly towards our next gate, in a different terminal. John gives moral support by running with us even though his flight is an hour later and he doesn’t need to rush 😀 We make the gate easily but we worry that our luggage won’t be with us when we arrive in San Francisco.

Saying goodbye to John, the last of our GenCon party, we board for San Francisco. It’s a four hour flight and apart from some annoying’neighbours’ the flight is pretty smooth. We land and, with some trepidation, go to baggage claim….. Woohoo our cases are there!

And so we’re now in our apartment for the next week. It’s a nice place, well stocked, we have laundry facilities which has allowed us to pack really light for the trip (too light in my case – I forgot some jeans). We can see the Golden Gate bridge from one window, the Palace of Fine Arts from another. Tonight we are chilling out with a bottle of wine with the intention of an early night. Looking forward to exploring tomorrow 😀

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