Jumping Around

Thinking about it the name of this blog post could cover two things.. I meant it to relate to the fact I’m switching between characters a lot but it pretty much describes my playstyle with Hymm’s current life too πŸ™‚


I have two heroic characters I’m running at the moment, Hymm & Dimachaerii.

Hymm is now 2 rogue/6 ranger/7 cleric, with level 16 banked. I’ve been quite happy with how the build has turned out so far, damage is OK, heals are OK (he’s not really built as a main healer type but does nicely in emergencies) but I do spend a lot of time running around backwards shooting at mobs while Rach’s fighter build cleans up the majority of the bad guys. I’m looking forward to getting Blade Barrier πŸ˜€

Killing the orcs in ‘Feast or Famine’

Dim was eTR’d then hTR’d as I mentioned in my previous post and is now a Bladeforged 2 paladin/6 ranger/8 monk with level 17 banked. Again, I’m enjoying the build although I am missing the fact I cannot trap anymore. I think that’s mainly because this character is running with Rach’s other TR which wasn’t really planned, so neither of us have the ability. It’s been a long time since we ran without one of us covering it. So, it’s taking a bit of getting used to. But we are having lots of fun pounding through mobs!


So my artificer, Othala, took over the high level epic duties while Dim is levelling back up. I have realised that he is in serious need of some epic level gear, for example he’s still wearing his level 18 quorforged docent at level 27. But he’s doing OK. I managed the traps in the eH Haunted Halls quest last weekend while he was still level 25.

This weekend our guild ran a 7 man eH FoT and not only did we complete it fairly easily, Othala only died once. Seriously – I was shocked πŸ˜€ I suspect the running around backwards & jumping while shooting with Hymm has given me a bit of extra practise. It’s been a nice change running the artificer.

Taking out the Truthful One

I’ve also had a chance to run my tank, Grypp a few times over the last few weekends, getting him to level 23. He’s having quite a bit of fun levelling with the new epic destiny, Divine Crusader. On Friday we logged on and Aldrac needed materials from the Shroud, so we three manned that with Grypp, Aldrac’s bladeforged monk & Rachels fighter/monk Nightley. I always like a Shroud πŸ™‚ And I swear we did the puzzle room faster than I’ve run it in some pugs with 12 people πŸ˜›

Grypp unlocking puzzles

It’s been a fun few weeks!

Have fun, see you around πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Jumping Around

  1. Sounds like some fun runs Grim!! I know what you mean about needing some higher gear. I have a few guys he need to be “upgraded” quite badly. The joys of trying to be active with a number of different characters.

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