Twiddling my thumbs

Because I got home late from work to be told the game was coming down for 3 hours for a hot fix.

Ah well, I’ve ordered Tsuro, Settlers of Catan and Zombie Dice (that one is for me to play with my 6 yr old niece – honest!). That’s 10 minutes well spent…

Ooh – Lammania!! See ya!

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Twiddling my thumbs

  1. @Domfig Might have been… 🙂 Actually I’ve being eyeing Settlers of Catan for a while

    @Cordovan I shall stick that on my list to pick up – thanks!

  2. bought arham horror a while ago and love it, but you do need a full night to play it decently.

    Now doubting to get me ankh morpork the discworld game but don’t heard anybody who played it yet (then again it is discworld)

    • OK, when you said Arkham I was expecting Batman….. oops! But I’ve wishlisted that too – although there seem to be quite a few to choose from.

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