More TR Progress

We got quite a bit of gaming in this weekend. A few runs of Gianthold Tor, Orchard finished, most of U9 finished and we’re at 18 with an elite streak of 186. Wondering if we can manage to get that to 200…..

However, it wasn’t all TR questing. Myself and another guild mate have signed up for Tobrils Abbot Raid training next Saturday. Being in the UK it’s hard to get into the mid week runs that he’s put together (I just can’t stay up that late on a work night anymore!) so I’m really chuffed he’s put a midday weekend one together. This will be my first Abbot raid and I’m really looking forward to it 🙂 So, Hymm spent a few hours getting the rest of those sigils and getting the pre raid done. It’s the first time I’ve run the pre raid, and I always enjoy running quests I’ve not done before – so good times 🙂

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