#20 Shroud x 2

In the last week both of my level 20 characters have completed their 20th Shroud run. And both were interesting in their own way….

With Hymm, my monk, we had a fairly steady run on normal until we hit part 4. Part way through beating Harry down, half the party died. Suddenly. All that were left were myself, another monk, a cleric and a caster. (I think….there may have been another but it’s been a long week!). But, we still managed to take Harry down. It took 3 rounds, but we got there. And a nice +3 strength tome at the end for my monk was well appreciated.

For Fyrne, my Paladin, we were on an elite run. It’s my first elite Shroud, and it was very intense! I haven’t felt that worked up about a mission since I first entered the Shroud. But it was a good group, very few deaths, and a bonus drop of an epic dungeon token from killing the lion in part 5 for several of the group. And I got a +3 charisma tome for when I TR as a bard.

Oh and to round it off, my level 6 had a purple ioun stone dropped in Swiped Signet last night!

So all in all, it’s been a good week for DDO for me 🙂

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