Paladin Builds

So, this is my top guy on DDO at the moment. I’ve spent more time with him than any of my other chars and he’s nearly at level 20. I still have concerns about his build though. I’ve followed some guides I found online, made a few decisions along the way and now I’m not sure I should have gone with the Turn Undead enhancements….any experienced paladins out there care to comment? I have thrown 5 levels of fighter in – maybe this has impacted the Turn Undead performance?

5 thoughts on “Paladin Builds

  1. I have two paladins, one is at level 20 and the other is at 15. I am not running either right now but I pretty much played them exclusively for about a year. I NEVER used or took the Turn Undead enhancements, I went more for DPS, which means taking all levels of Divine Sacrifice, Divine Might, and Exalted Smite evil with the Extra Smites thrown in. CHA is the most important stat for a Paladin that wants to do damage as many of his/her abilities are based on that stat.

  2. Turn Undead is not implemented correctly in DDO because of the inflated monster HP and hit dice. There aren’t very many people who continue to use it beyond 9th or 10th level.

    This is just my opinion, but I would consider swapping those enhancements out.

  3. Honestly the further you get into the game and you are getting there turn undead is pretty much useless. My advice would be to redo your enhancements and do defender of sib if an ac build or Knight of the chalice. You may want to think about lesser reincarnating and going with a couple levels of rogue for evasion or monk if you are going to splash.

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