What would you be?

I’ve started reading Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan. It’s about a group of people who play a game which, basically, is Dungeons & Dragons (they call the game C&C in the book… I see what he did there). They have advertised for someone to GM for them so they can all play characters, rather than taking turns in GM’ing themselves. Unfortunately they annoy the GM and he decides to get his own back on them – he sends them into the game. They turn into their various characters (halfling rogue, half orc barbarian etc). I haven’t finished the book, but I imagine it will entail them trying to get back to the real world.

Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan

The book, so far, is well written and fun to read. But that isn’t what this blog is about πŸ˜€

I was telling Rach about it and after musing about what her character would be based on her ‘real life stats’ decided she’d be a fighter type. Decent strength, constitution and dexterity, not so good on the intelligence, wisdom & charisma (those are her words – not mine!!)

That got me to thinking about what I’d be. Constitution & strength are OK, dexterity.. well I can be clumsy, but intelligence is pretty good, and I think charisma too. I like to tinker with things, build things and I could see myself as an artificer quite easily πŸ™‚ This isn’t what I’d want to be – but what I’d be based on me as a person.

What would you be?

14 thoughts on “What would you be?

  1. I’ve read all of the Critical Failures books and novellas.. they’re had me in stitches laughing the whole time! My only complaint is the author doesn’t write fast enough. πŸ˜€

    As to the original question.. I’d probably be a dwarven NPC. Probably the annoying one that gives a truly unfulfilling quest, like “collect 2,000 Outsider Tokens in exchange for a String of Prayer Beads.”

  2. Let’s see…at my peak, I would have to say average STR, good-to-high DEX, high CON, very high INT, high to good-to-high WIS, and good CHR (of course, that last one may depend on who you ask…). So, I could pretty much be anything (hehehe). Most likely, a ranger…or maybe a rogue (not a ‘thief’ per se, although there are times…). Or a combination thereof.

  3. I would think I would turn out as a paladin. Decent charisma, strength, and constitution, moderately intelligent but not entirely agile and my wisdom…well that could always be better..lol :).

  4. Definitely a Mindflayer for me. I can make any ones brain feel like painful mush after only a few minutes of casual conversation!

    You can be a mindflayer if you play zangband…. And the graphics are awesome btw

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