Hey, you! Yes, Turbine, stop looking over your shoulder. I’m talking to you….

You see this little thing here? You know, this page? This site? Well, I’m not the only one on here who really likes it. Yes, I admit, sometimes I have trouble thinking of things to blog that people might enjoy reading. But it’s a great place to read ideas, stories, even meet people. I have new Twitter friends because of this place.

And so, my point is…no don’t wander off – this is important. We’d really like you to give this place a bit of love. Like, oh I don’t know, fixing some of the icons, maybe sorting out some of the bugs that stop the pages from loading. Just a bit of attention to get it up to par. I mean, you released this in 2009? That’s 3 years.

You know you want to…. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pssstt!

  1. Seem to have had less trouble on here than some people, but still it is about time they got to work on fixing all the problems.

  2. I said blog something for me to read, not get some junior dev fired! But wait, that implies that theres someone actually assinged to myDDO.
    Forget what I said, pure foolishness…

  3. Yeah, it would be nice for the devs to talk to each other, they should have know that the current configuration of the MyDDO pages would not allow for Epic levels………..

  4. I think it’s a catch-22 – myDDO has been beta for years with few obvious changes, it’s probably getting few or nil resources assigned to it because it’s in beta, but there are too many bugs for it to ever get out of beta and have proper support assigned to fix the bugs! *sob*

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