DDO Catchup & Trying Elder Scrolls Online


It’s been a slow few weeks with DDO. You remember how I said it took 3 weeks for Hymm to level from an iconic 15 to 28 last life? Well, not this life! I’ve been running a druid/monk/fighter PDK and I’m almost at level 20. For some reason I have not enjoyed this life. I’m still having a hard time working out why. The damage is good, I have some healing ability, but I just don’t seem to be enjoying it. Well, maybe I’m a bit bored of running the iconics, as I am now on my third iteration. Running those same quests can get a bit monotonous eventually 😀 I am thinking of taking a break from the iconic lives on my next TR and iTR’ing back to level 1. Maybe that will break it up a bit.

Druid, artificer & a small army of minions…
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Hymm & Dim Update

Again, I’ve mainly been concentrating on Hymm and Dimachaerii over the last few weeks. A quick update on how they are doing (which isn’t much as the holidays have disrupted regular gaming).

Hymm is on his 7th life as an iconic Shadar Kai. Since his hTR into this life he’s got part way through 18. I was hoping to hit level 20 this weekend but I’ve been lazy, we’ve had family visiting, so it’s not happened.

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Getting into Iconics

On Thursday evening I got Dimachaerii to level 20. I won’t go into the nitty gritty XP details like I did on a previous blog with Hymm as he’s a second lifer. But I will say that it did not really seem any easier with the new XP curve. Maybe I’ll see it more when I next TR a 3+ lifer….

Which nicely leads me to – Hymm! Because Dim is now 20 I can allocate him to weekend epics & raids as my DPS character and go back to working on Hymms (triple?) completionist. He picked up his epic Heart of Wood, courtesy of Turbine. On Friday evening evening my partner was out so I decided to get his eTR done. I took Colors of the Queen from the Primal Sphere (it was a choice between that and Doublestrike for my first eTR) then joined up with my guildie Aldrac and ran eE Impossible Demands & Unquiet Graves, then eH Wizard King. Some nice XP to start building on the Primal Sphere karma again.
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Dual Boxing

Last night I leveled my TR up to 15 and we got started on the Gianthold area. More importantly, this meant that my iconic bladeforged on my second account could join us 😀

Shadlowyn (partners ranger/rogue), Dimachaerii & Demoncherry

Demoncherry is 1 paladin/2 rogue/12 sorcerer. I do find it amusing that I’ve ended up with Dim & Demon playing together. ‘Demoncherry’ is what my guildies usually call Dimachaerii 😀 I built him as a helper, hence the rogue splash. As it turns out, both Dim & Shad have rogue or arti splashes so that bit probaby won’t be needed anyway, but the buffs are nice.

I had a few issues to resolve in order to get the dual box working. For starters, my iMac only had 4GB RAM. So I upgraded to 16GB. But I still had severe performance issues with both clients open, until a guildie recommended turning down my visual settings. I miss the high res I had previously – but it certainly did the trick 🙂

Picking on the dummy

It was also interesting running a VIP & premium account at the same time and seeing the differences. For example, one of the Gianthold walk-ups got my VIP character 19K XP, while the premium only got 12K XP. But it was fun running the two together and since he’s a first lifer Demon isn’t going to need to worry about less XP too much 😀

OK that was just a quickie 😀

Have fun, see you around!

Quick Update

I haven’t done a DDO based blog for a while so I thought I’d throw in a quick update. No pictures I’m afraid – I was too busy having fun & forgot to snap any 😀

The last few weeks I’ve been concentrating mainly on two of my characters – Dimachaerii & Hymm.

Dimachaerii has been run mainly during the week, when I’ve played. I must admit I’ve been having a lot of fun in real life lately so have not played as much as I could have. However, he’s now at level 13 with level 14 banked. I will probably push a bit harder now to get him to 20 so I can use him for weekend epic/raid runs while I concentrate on Hymm’s next few lives.

Hymm my main (and favourite) character is now capped at level 28, ready for the epic TR stone to drop on December 12th (woohoo – free stone! Thanks Turbine!). I’ve managed to get approx 2000 Comms of Valor since the changes came in on Hymm. I think he was level 24 when that happened, so I guess that’s not too bad…. and that’s just from running our usual cycle of epic raids and quests on a weekend.

My plans for Hymm as they currently stand are to epic TR when I get his free stone, then heroic TR into an iconic character. Getting him back to level 28 should get me enough comms for an iconic TR stone (although I have bought 2 while they were on sale this weekend so I don’t have to worry about it). From there I shall be iconic TR’ing to get the maximum stack of iconic past life feats while knocking out some class lives for working towards his completionist status.

The problem is – I’ve really enjoyed this life. He’s ranger 8 / rogue 6 / monk 6 stick build. I’ve fully upgraded his Sireth, almost fully upgraded his Pinion and I really, really enjoy playing him. I will miss the build and suspect this may be the build I use for his end life (as things stands at the moment). I have decided that, as much as I can, all following lives will be stick builds (especially since I now have a nice collection of quarterstaffs!). Next life – assassinating stick wielding Shadar-Kai 😀

Have fun, see you around!

Hymm – 6th Life & XP Thoughts

Hymm hit level 20 on Sunday and I thought I’d just recap on how this life has gone in terms of levelling pains…

I TR’d into this life on 19th August after Otto boxing on my previous life. This is Hymms 6th life, my aim now being to try & reach triple completionist with him. This life has been a stick build (I mistakenly called it a Juggernaut build in my previous post. It’s not, sorry) of 8 ranger/6monk/6 rogue.

This life has been myself and Row with her character Nightley. Row decided to try one of my previous Hymm builds of helf cleric dille 10 fighter/9 monk/1 artificer. She had to adapt it slightly with the new enhancement system, but overall she has enjoyed the build. With her build having cleric dille and mine armed with a stack of pots & UMD, we did quite well keeping an eye on each others health, especially at the lower levels.
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British Invasion

First – apologies for this going out, for me, later than normal on a Monday. I’m ill today so this has been delayed from my usual time of Monday morning (that’s in comparison to when I normally blog if I have anything to blog about!)

Second – as Mizz mentioned in her last blog there have been quite a few blogs within the OurDDO community lately about guilds. Sorry – this is another one. Well, partially. I’ll try and throw some other stuff in too. Feel free to skip down if you’d prefer.

I hope you don’t though 😀
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