Grinding for XP

After a few days away from DDO I came back refreshed and ready to continue my TR of Hymm. Myself and Rach ran the level 8 & 9 quests on elite, so by Saturday we were level 11, 1 XP away from leveling to 12, thanks to a great run of Xorian Cipher. However our latest guildie has also recently TR’d and was sat back at level 7. We decided to give our main characters a few days break so he could try to catch us up to run with us. So on Saturday night, when other guildies were around to shortman eE VoN 5 & 6, I decided to run my artificer Othala.

To be brutally honest it was bad. Not the run, we managed fine, but I hadn’t realised how bad the artificer DPS was at high levels. Or maybe it’s my artificer DPS. I admit I haven’t spent much time getting him the latest & greatest gear, but he was very slow to clear out the bad guys…
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This Week in Pictures

Because I’m too lazy to write…

Oh, OK maybe a few things then. The 35% boost to heroic XP (for VIPs, 20% for other DDO players) worked out very useful as we had Friday off work. Thursday night we ran the Orchard of the Macabre quests, which gave us enough XP to level up to 17 (18 banked). On Friday we hit Litany, running elite x 2 (Vol & Cinnis), hard x 1 (Mentau) and normal x 1 (Cholthulzz). So, guildies – we’re flagged for Abbot this life if you fancy running it…
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This Weeks Shenanigans

This week has gone back to my usual TR split.

Weekdays are spent running Hymm, duo’ing with Rach’s current TR. We finished all the level 12’s we wanted to get done, then leveled up to 15 & got the 2nd Lordsmarch chain, Gianthold walkups & Mired in Kobolds done. Usually at this point we rerun the Gianthold walkups, running them on hard & normal. But we couldn’t be bothered and we both have a nice stash of daily dice XP stones in bank characters for just this situation. So we’re now ready to level up to 16.

Cry for Help, Gianthold

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Jumping Around

Thinking about it the name of this blog post could cover two things.. I meant it to relate to the fact I’m switching between characters a lot but it pretty much describes my playstyle with Hymm’s current life too 🙂


I have two heroic characters I’m running at the moment, Hymm & Dimachaerii.

Hymm is now 2 rogue/6 ranger/7 cleric, with level 16 banked. I’ve been quite happy with how the build has turned out so far, damage is OK, heals are OK (he’s not really built as a main healer type but does nicely in emergencies) but I do spend a lot of time running around backwards shooting at mobs while Rach’s fighter build cleans up the majority of the bad guys. I’m looking forward to getting Blade Barrier 😀

Killing the orcs in ‘Feast or Famine’

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Catch Up & Thanks

My monk Hymm (and several of my guildmates) has now hit level 25, although I’m currently sat at 24 until the guild are available to run the Forgotten Realms challenges at level, so we can get the most XP possible towards our epic destinies. He’s moved from Grandmaster of Flowers to Legendary Dreadnought. Not sure where to go next though….

Meanwhile, my artificer, Othala, has reached level 21 and is ploughing his way through his Draconic what-you-call-it destiny 🙂 Actually, while running him through the Demonweb chain of missions he’s picked up some nice armour for my fighter and barbarian characters. Guess I better spend some time with them then 🙂

We ran another Shroud last Friday. Ran a bit smoother than our last run, though we’re still perfecting our prep and separation of the red names in part 2. At least this time they didn’t have to abandon me to the wall in part 3 🙂

This picture is especially for Evennote. We were dancing, but those damn blades kept interrupting us while taking the picture!

OK, maybe Antaka wasn’t actually dancing, but he is nekked!

And I managed to get some time to play with my dark monk builld this weekend. He’s just hit 14 (he’s been a bit neglected recently for Faerun missions) and I’m really liking how he plays. Plus, he looks kinda awesome don’t you think?

Finally, I’d like to thank the person who sent me a tell to say ‘Hi’ while I was running through House K on Friday night, because they’d read my blogs. It made my night! 🙂 Just hope I can try and keep the stuff entertaining for you all!

See you around!

Rune arm crafting thoughts?

So, reading the latest blogs by Samius has reminded me of something.

I have a level 20 artificer, Othala, who I think may actually be my favourite character. I know everyone says arties don’t do good damage, but I’m seeing decent numbers off him, and lots of them. I also seem to have picked up quite a few good rune arms. My most used are Glorious Obscenity and Lucid Dreams.

What I haven’t done is taken advantage of the crafting. So, while I will be researching this myself – does anybody out there have any suggestions of what’s best to add to a rune arm? As I understand it, once it’s on there, it cannot some off, so I guess I need to choose wisely!