My thoughts on MotU

What I don’t like:-

  • The UI around items
  • Getting to Faerun (although it’s a lot like Amrath I guess)

What I like:-

  • Kings Forest
  • New loot
  • Kings Forest
  • Everything looks awesome
  • All fans of the film ‘The Princess Bride’ need to pay attention when doing the mission ‘Murder by Night’!!
  • Corn fields!
  • Shrinking mudmen 🙂
  • er…did I mention Kings Forest looks frikkin’ awesome!!?

So there you go 🙂

XPack Panic

A quick blog before I start my working day…

Our guild had a slight panic a few nights ago when my missus pointed out that none of us were actually flagged to get to the new XPack content when it drops next week. We were, but then we TR’d…. And since 4 of our 5 active members have bought it, and booked next week off, we really thought we should make the effort 🙂

It’s U13 all week this week then!