Stone of XP Blues

Yes, two blogs in one day. Don’t get used to it 🙂

But I did want to comment on something else I did this weekend. My partner & I jumped on Thelanis for a bit to play with some chars we super levelled. By that, I mean we created them at level 7, got to level 8 and got stoned.

This weekend was probably the first time we’ve played them for any length of time. And you know what? Being super levelled kind of sucks! To be fair, we’ve done it to try some builds we’re thinking of for TR”s on our main Sarlona characters. But sitting at level 16 with pretty naff gear is no fun. We will not be pugging anytime soon, I’d be too embarrased 😦

I can see the benefit of the stone for TR’s who have gear stashed away, and I realise it’s a way for Turbine to ensure people can get to the stuff in the expansion pack, but for normal play…. no I don’t think so…

Or maybe it’s just because I don’t spend enough quality time with the Thelanis characters and it’s all my fault! 🙂