A little bit of everything…. #gangnamstyle

This is going to be a random blog about all sorts – apologies if it’s boring 🙂

Didn’t get to play much this weekend as we had family visiting but by Sunday afternoon we were free to do what we liked. Jumping on we (that’s me and t’missus) found a couple of our guildies on and decided to attempt another 4 man Shroud but on hard…..hmmm…Harry took out the cleric very quickly on part 4 due to some major lag. We got him down to about 1/4 but couldn’t quite manage it. My partner decided she had had enough and went to watch the olympics. The rest of us jumped in a Shroud pug…and I’d forgotten what they were like. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great group & everything went smoothly. But we spent 10 minutes waiting while they chatted (they obviously knew each other) and waiting for those last few people to turn up.

I was going to turn in for the night when a ‘Caught in the Web’ LFM went up. So we decided to jump into that. They were a great group of guys, loads of fun, but we had problems as we reached the portal keepers and ended up wiping. So, that was kind of disappointing – but we’ll get there eventually.

Yesterday, I came across a Korean music video that I went on to tweet about. It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen, not my type of music at all, but very addictive. Since then, Cordovan has tweeted that it’s doing the rounds at Turbine, MarDeRoam has put it up on the forums and I’ve decided I’m going to subject you all to it too!!


Oh and by the way – that’s me on Twitter. If anybody wants to follow me @grimorde you’re welcome to. But be warned, I do occasionally tweet about non DDO stuff like work!!

See you around!

4 Man Shroud

Last night we decided to attempt the Shroud. With just the four guildies that were still online.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think that we are uber or elite, and EvenNote’s excellent post yesterday really covers why some of us don’t tend to pug or raid a lot. We tend to keep to ourselves, have fun, work out how to run missions, epics etc with what we have.

But, with running the new expansion pack over the last week, we’ve hit level 23 with our main characters and we just thought it would be fun to see how far we could get on a Shroud (normal – obviously!)

So, we stepped in with Hymm (light monk), Antaka (light monk), Willowing (rogue) & Korvisa (ranger). Yep, no cleric. Which is why we didn’t make it past round 4 🙂

After we died part way through round 4, we decided to try again, but with Willowing swapping out for battle cleric Nightley. And Nightley has come across criticism before in the Shroud, someone blaming a party wipe on the fact that there were two battle clerics doing the healing. Pppttff… load of rubbish if you ask me 🙂

Because we got through part 4 with no trouble. It took three rounds of Harry beating, but he went down a lot easier with a cleric healing us instead of having to stop to drink silver flame pots. And round 5 went even easier.

It was a long haul, and I know other people have done it – probably faster or with less people – but it was a big deal for us!

Shroud Flagging

We (me and my partner) had a good weekend this weekend, considering we only really had Sunday afternoon and evening for playing.

Like no doubt everybody else we’ve been grinding Mabar to get some gear together. I’m quite chuffed that I’ve got the epic handwraps for my monk. But Sunday we decoded we needed to do something more interesting. So, last 3 Vale missions for Shroud flagging were decided upon. Due to the rest of the guild being busy Mabar’ing or away it was just the two of us, and we did OK. Of course, it helps that my partner is currently a cleric and she could heal my butt 🙂

Now I just have to talk her into daring to run a Shroud as a cleric for the first time…