The Pit

We’ve recently hit level 9 on our whatever life we are currently on. We like level 9 – it has what we call our trio of XP quests:- Gwylan’s Stand, Tear of Dhakaan and (everyone’s favourite) The Pit, all run at elite.

We didn’t used to be fans of this quest. But once I came across the map by Lessah and Clankenbeard I found it much easier to navigate, and it’s been a staple quest ever since. We usually run it first, pop an XP pot before pulling the last valve, then run the 2 other quests. It’s a lot of XP!

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What a load of content…

So, the TR group has now hit 157 on it’s bravery streak.

Lets just take a moment to think about that. 157 missions. All different (well, OK Splinterskull is kind of repetitive). And we’ve skipped some missions. We haven’t done any raids. We’ve just finished the last of the Sands missions, so we still have Gianthold, Orchard, Vale, Amrath to mention a few…

You have to give Turbine props – that’s a lot of content, all those different stories and tales to be told. No wonder we love this game 🙂