4 Man Shroud

Last night we decided to attempt the Shroud. With just the four guildies that were still online.

Let me start by saying that I don’t think that we are uber or elite, and EvenNote’s excellent post yesterday really covers why some of us don’t tend to pug or raid a lot. We tend to keep to ourselves, have fun, work out how to run missions, epics etc with what we have.

But, with running the new expansion pack over the last week, we’ve hit level 23 with our main characters and we just thought it would be fun to see how far we could get on a Shroud (normal – obviously!)

So, we stepped in with Hymm (light monk), Antaka (light monk), Willowing (rogue) & Korvisa (ranger). Yep, no cleric. Which is why we didn’t make it past round 4 🙂

After we died part way through round 4, we decided to try again, but with Willowing swapping out for battle cleric Nightley. And Nightley has come across criticism before in the Shroud, someone blaming a party wipe on the fact that there were two battle clerics doing the healing. Pppttff… load of rubbish if you ask me 🙂

Because we got through part 4 with no trouble. It took three rounds of Harry beating, but he went down a lot easier with a cleric healing us instead of having to stop to drink silver flame pots. And round 5 went even easier.

It was a long haul, and I know other people have done it – probably faster or with less people – but it was a big deal for us!

XPack Panic

A quick blog before I start my working day…

Our guild had a slight panic a few nights ago when my missus pointed out that none of us were actually flagged to get to the new XPack content when it drops next week. We were, but then we TR’d…. And since 4 of our 5 active members have bought it, and booked next week off, we really thought we should make the effort 🙂

It’s U13 all week this week then!

Epic surprise…

The highlight of last nights gaming – my missus hiding inside the epic chest at the end of Partycrashers with her halfling rogue, jumping out, shouting ‘Surprise!’ at the rest of the guild over Team Speak, then giggling like crazy.

I really wish I’d had Fraps running

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂