Hairy Bum

That’s what I spent most of the weekend lookng at. Why? Because I spent most of my play time this weekend running around with my new druid character in bear form 🙂

I’ve gone half orc with the intention of building him as a tank character. My first tank build actually. While running harbour missions I could just imagine the kobolds screaming ‘there’s a bear in the sewers!!’.

But I had loads of fun running around with my partner and another guildie with their new druid characters once they decided to try the bear form too. At one point last night there were three bears running around the catacombs decimating skeletons left & right.

I suspect they will be nerfed at some point. With three druids in a party, each with a wolf companion & a summons, we seem to be getting through quests very easily. But for now, I shall continue to enjoy the rampage 🙂

See you around!