Progress Report

The TR grind continues with the New Year. Hymm & Rach’s main character Willowing are now level 14 with 15 banked. We have pretty much blasted easily through the levels so far. The champions have made some of the quests a bit more interesting but haven’t really slowed us down. The extra loot ( aka guild renown) is always nice though :)

Up until level 10 we were running out of ranks & levels before we ran out of quests to run. We could pick and choose which quests we wanted to skip and still level without any problem (and the XP bonus helped too!). We have even had to run a few quests over level in order to finish the chain (Delera springs to mind – we finally made the effort to get an extra Voice of the Master & Mantle of the Worldshaper to get that augment crafted).
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Completionist for Christmas!

If you follow me on twitter I’m sure you knew this blog was coming :D

Off to reincarnate

On Monday evening I finally capped my wizard life. It’s been very enjoyable to play him, although I suspect compared against regular caster players he’s fairly low down on abilities. However this life, with the sorcerer life a few back, has proved to me that although they are not my favourites (I still like hitting things) I do like playing them and can contribute with them :)
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Last Life for Completionist

On Saturday, a week later than I’d intended, Hymm finally hit 28. I’d hoped to get there the previous weekend but work & social life got in the way, and in the last week I’ve only played for the odd hour or so.

Regardless – he hit cap on Saturday and I immediately switched to other characters that I need to cap so I wasn’t wasting XP. I could have stayed with him for the Heart Seed rewards, I suppose, but the XP was more important.
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DDO Apps

If you follow me on twitter you will know that, apart from listening to rock music and playing DDO, I also write code. I work for a small software company in the UK that builds bespoke applications for companies.

Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now is build apps. I’ve mentioned it a few times but, when it gets down to it, most of the time I cannot be bothered coding outside work. I like my free time.
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Artificer Life

Hymm is currently at level 16 with 17 banked and the life is going pretty well. The only upset was when I ran Foundation of Discord with Rach, and decided to jump in the hole with Patrick the Maniacal and his earth elementals while Rach went to answer the door….. yeah that wasn’t the best idea I’ve had :P

Waiting for ‘mommy’ in Mired in Kobolds

Anyway, both Evennote & Erdique said the build sounded interesting, so for a laugh I’ve decided to post it (not something I usually bother with). It’s probably not the most effective build, but it is fun so far :)
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