Halfway There (for this life)

Just a quick update this week.

Most of my DDO game time has been spent with Rach, running our current TR’s. Hymm is now level 10, with level 11 banked until we finish off the level 9 quests. When we hit level 9 we got to some of our favourite quests on hE. Rach suggested we grab an XP pot when we ran them as they are also decent XP. So we both crunched up a 50% XP pot through the DDO 40th anniversary trading cards, drinking it just before finishing the first on our list – The Pit. We followed that up with Gwylans Stand and (thanks to Legend for reminding us!) Tear of Dhakaan. In all we made over 120K XP just from those three :D

Keeping a look out while Rach gets the water in Small Problem

The only high level questing we did was on Saturday night when we ran the eH Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Extended Edition with Tobril, Distributed & Jayuus. It’s the first time I’ve run the extended version so it was fun to see the dragon. (Cue mandatory dragon picture!)

Big bugger…

Two named items dropped (from killing all the purple named bosses): the Magestar which Tobril passed to me and the PDK shield for Distributed.


Dim is currently the character I’m playing for high level quests & raids on a weekend but I’m planning on TR’ing him soon into a BladeForged. He started out as a warforged char & really I’d like to stay as a construct with him. So last weekend I got my artificer up to level 25 so he can take his place while Dim gets back to the epic levels. Hopefully I’ll get Dim eTR’d then hTR’d sometime this week. Rach has a character about to hit level 7 so I’m going to throw one of my stashed Bigby boxes to her and we’ll start alternating between our current TR’s and these. It will slow my current life on Hymm down but it’s not like I’m in any real rush.

Well, OK, I am, but unless I win the lottery so I can quit work & play whenever I like – there’s not much I can do :D

Have fun, see you around!

Back to 1

Yep, Hymm finally finished life 9 – Druid. I can honestly say this has been one of my least favourite DDO lives in the last 12 months or so. I’m still having a hard time pinning down the reason for it. The DPS on the character was good, I really love Earthquake and when I was paying attention I could keep myself & Rach (we’ve mostly duo’d) alive.

I think my main dislike is the animation for switching forms. Everything slows down, the flash of light is too bright… did I mention everything slows down? Oh well *shrug* it’s done now. I do think when I next run a Druid life I will go full caster using the elemental forms & see how that works.
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U21 is here

This is a really quick look at U21 which was released by DDO yesterday.

I only had a quick hour to run around so I headed up to the Thunder Peak with Rach. Guildies Samius & Jayuus joined us shortly after. Jayuus had already had a run round for a few hours in the Ruins of Thunderholme so he ran us to the first red named, Dagan for a quick kill.

Fighting dawrven skeletons
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From Twitter to Podcasts to Audiobooks

It’s strange, sometimes, how we get from one place to another. And I don’t mean a physical journey.

I joined Twitter back in 2009. Mainly as a resource for development, finding other developers & getting information on the latest technologies. Then I started playing DDO in 2010 and started following people who also played DDO. My twitter stream exploded :D But, apart from people, I also started following the #DDO hashtag, looking out for information & using it as a way to connect with other players. That resulted in my finding tweets from @Samius & @Lessah who, at the time, were doing regular DDO Cocktail Hour podcasts.
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DDO Catchup & Trying Elder Scrolls Online


It’s been a slow few weeks with DDO. You remember how I said it took 3 weeks for Hymm to level from an iconic 15 to 28 last life? Well, not this life! I’ve been running a druid/monk/fighter PDK and I’m almost at level 20. For some reason I have not enjoyed this life. I’m still having a hard time working out why. The damage is good, I have some healing ability, but I just don’t seem to be enjoying it. Well, maybe I’m a bit bored of running the iconics, as I am now on my third iteration. Running those same quests can get a bit monotonous eventually :D I am thinking of taking a break from the iconic lives on my next TR and iTR’ing back to level 1. Maybe that will break it up a bit.

Druid, artificer & a small army of minions…
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