Pirates & Airships & Swashes of Buckles – Oh My!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last week, you’ll know that U22 Pirates of the Thunder Sea was released on Wednesday for DDO. I’m not going to go into lots of details. Geoff covered a lot of the issues with the new release really well in his blog earlier today – go read that. (There’s even an amusing anecdote about a dog)

But here are my general thoughts on it:-
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Book Review: Year of the Dead

A few things before I start the actual review. I think I’ve mentioned before I like to read. A lot. I have a lot of books, so many that I’m not looking forward to my upcoming house move as we will need to pack them all – I believe we’re numbering close to 1000. Up until a few years ago I would only read physical books. I wasn’t interested in digital books. But I bought a tablet, my sister recommended a few books that were free – now I usually have at least one physical book, one book on my phone Kindle, one on my tablet Kindle and an audio book (currently I have two of those on the go). Not to mention the comics I read digitally too.

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Someone mentioned I haven’t been blogging as much lately, so I thought I’d try and get another update in. Then I forgot to upload the pictures I’d taken so I delayed… then decided not to bother. Then I changed my mind. The lack of blogging is down to two things 1) I’m not playing DDO as much, I’ve been concentrating on other things 2) I’m sure people don’t want to hear the same thing from me every week: so & so is at level x, planning to TR, ran epics/raids with guildies blah blah blah. I have to take my hat off to Geoff, Samius & Erdrique who get a nice range of subjects covered :)
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Jumping Around

Thinking about it the name of this blog post could cover two things.. I meant it to relate to the fact I’m switching between characters a lot but it pretty much describes my playstyle with Hymm’s current life too :)


I have two heroic characters I’m running at the moment, Hymm & Dimachaerii.

Hymm is now 2 rogue/6 ranger/7 cleric, with level 16 banked. I’ve been quite happy with how the build has turned out so far, damage is OK, heals are OK (he’s not really built as a main healer type but does nicely in emergencies) but I do spend a lot of time running around backwards shooting at mobs while Rach’s fighter build cleans up the majority of the bad guys. I’m looking forward to getting Blade Barrier :D

Killing the orcs in ‘Feast or Famine’
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Halfway There (for this life)

Just a quick update this week.

Most of my DDO game time has been spent with Rach, running our current TR’s. Hymm is now level 10, with level 11 banked until we finish off the level 9 quests. When we hit level 9 we got to some of our favourite quests on hE. Rach suggested we grab an XP pot when we ran them as they are also decent XP. So we both crunched up a 50% XP pot through the DDO 40th anniversary trading cards, drinking it just before finishing the first on our list – The Pit. We followed that up with Gwylans Stand and (thanks to Legend for reminding us!) Tear of Dhakaan. In all we made over 120K XP just from those three :D

Keeping a look out while Rach gets the water in Small Problem
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Back to 1

Yep, Hymm finally finished life 9 – Druid. I can honestly say this has been one of my least favourite DDO lives in the last 12 months or so. I’m still having a hard time pinning down the reason for it. The DPS on the character was good, I really love Earthquake and when I was paying attention I could keep myself & Rach (we’ve mostly duo’d) alive.

I think my main dislike is the animation for switching forms. Everything slows down, the flash of light is too bright… did I mention everything slows down? Oh well *shrug* it’s done now. I do think when I next run a Druid life I will go full caster using the elemental forms & see how that works.
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U21 is here

This is a really quick look at U21 which was released by DDO yesterday.

I only had a quick hour to run around so I headed up to the Thunder Peak with Rach. Guildies Samius & Jayuus joined us shortly after. Jayuus had already had a run round for a few hours in the Ruins of Thunderholme so he ran us to the first red named, Dagan for a quick kill.

Fighting dawrven skeletons
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